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Chicken Patties
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Rs. 50
Our chicken patties consist of delicious chicken mince with vegetables, dressed with a flavourful and crusty crumb. They are perfect for snacking.
  • Chicken Mince
  • Vegetables
  • Crusty Crumb
  • Perfect Snack
Rs. 150
This chicken bread loaf has a soft and tender sweet dough with spicy chicken and peppers. It is topped with melted cheese.
  • Tender Dough
  • Chicken And Pepper
  • Spicy Flavor
  • Melted Cheese
Rs. 120
Our chicken spring rolls are filled with chicken mince, shredded green cabbage, carrot, onion, and crunchy crust outside.
  • Chicken Mince
  • Vegetables
  • Perfect Snack
  • Crunchy Crust
Rs. 150
Our fried rolls are stuffed with chicken and vegetable shreds. It is deep-fried to make a delicious starter for your gatherings.
  • Chicken Stuffed
  • Vegetable Shreds
  • Deep-Fried
  • Crispy Surface
Fish Bread
Sale 20%
Rs. 120 Rs. 150
Our uniquely shaped fish bread combines chicken and vegetable filling wrapped in a soft and tender dough.
  • Unique Shape
  • Chicken And Vegetable
  • Soft And Tender Dough
  • Crunchy Crust
Rs. 50
It is a popular Chinese snack that combines crispy, crunchy sweet dough filled with a savory mix of vegetable stuffing.
  • Crispy And Crunchy Dough
  • Mix Of Vegetable
  • Perfectly Baked
  • Fresh And Flavorful
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