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Slice Rusk Slice Rusk
small large
Rs. 130
Our slice rusk is a hard twice-baked bread that is often used as a teether for breakfast or snack with tea.
  • Twice Baked
  • Perfect Snack With Tea
  • Crispy And Delicious
  • Dry Edges
Rs. 220
Our gol butter rusks are irresistible and crunchy filled with the goodness of butter that you will love.
  • Round Rusk
  • Crunchy And Buttery
  • Perfectly Baked
  • Crispy Brown Surface
Rs. 230
Try our special delicately crunchy, lightly sweetened rusk with the aroma of fine butter that will leave you wanting for more
  • Butter Rusk
  • Sweet And Crunchy
  • Zafarullahsweets Special
  • High-Quality Ingredients
Gol Rusk Gol Rusk
small large
Rs. 130
Want to make your tea time complete? Try our delicious gol rusk made from high-quality ingredients that you will love.
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Tea-Time Snack
  • Crispy Brown Surface
  • Hygienic
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